New Features!

Here at Perfect Mingle we’ve been working hard adding new features making and tweaks here and there.

Some of the new features we’ve added are a follows

1. We added a Viewed me section now you can see singles who have visited you profile. You can see it in the mobile version by logging in. it will be below the sign out and my profile button and on the nav menu on the web version.

2. Before when you logged in you could see both male and female profiles now you will only see the opposite sex when you’re logged in.

3. You can now block users by clicking on “Block user” on the left side near the dialogue box in my messages.

4. Once you’ve reviewed an application you can now go straight to that users profile by clicking on the picture of that users thumbnail on top.


We’ll be adding more awesome features in the coming weeks let your friends and family know about so we can grow this community 🙂