Gender Male
Seeking Female
Age 60
City Cincinnati
I am looking for Relationship
Martial statusSingle
Body type Average
Education University
Do you have kidsYes
Ethnicity Caucasian
Your ProfessionSelf Employed
Do you have a car Yes
Religion Christian

I'm sociable but home loving. caring, sensitive passionate and romantic yet down to earth, sensible and practical. I love to garden and make beautiful flower beds in the spring and summer and I love to listen to music when the winter winds are howling outside.I believe that personal qualities are more important than material possessions,  though enjoy having a comfortable home life. I appreciate being loved and value having a loving and open-minded partner in my life. I love the changes in the seasons and I really love Christmas. But most of all, I love being in love and having someone I can depend on to be there as I will for her.