Gender Male
Seeking Female
Age 67
City Missouri, United States
I am looking forLong term
Martial statusSingle
Body type Average
Education University
Do you have kidsYes
Ethnicity Caucasian
Your ProfessionArchitecture
Do you have a car Yes
Religion Catholic

I'm very warm,extremely affectionate and very caring person, who is not afraid to either show or express, in many


ways, those feelings. I am very energetic and love to be out of the house doing things, whether planned or


spontaneous. With the right woman and a good bottle of wine, staying at home is just fine. I enjoy the casual beach


life and all the activities it affords. Travelling is one of my passions and I take the time to do so sometime, My


personality traits are: Romantic, loving, affectionate, purposeful, caring, considerate though I must admit, I do


not like to go it alone. I like to share the experience with someone special. I do love to cook.