Safety tips - Perfect Mingle

  • Below are a few important tips for you to follow while you’re on Perfect Mingle.


  • Don’t t ever give out your phone number to someone right away always be weary if they ask for it right away. Wait till you have gained a trust with that person before giving such info out.
  • Don’t post any personal information on your profile such as phone number, email, your Facebook, Instagram etc. This info should be private and only given out if you trust that  person.


  • Before meeting someone make sure you have talked to them a bit get to know them their history etc. Also if possible Skype or face time with that person to make sure they are who they say they are. Or ask them to send a specific picture with something written.


  • Always meet in a public place. If someone asks you to come to their house don’t do it. That is suspicious behavior and not safe and is not recommended by perfect mingle.


  • Always let your friends and family know before you meet someone tell them where you are meeting etc. If possible bring a friend with you on the first meeting.


  • If you have a bad feeling about someone do not meet them go with your gut instinct don’t ever let anyone pressure you  in to meeting.


  • If someone harasses  you or sends you threats, stalks etc. Don’t  hesitate to call law enforcement and report them.


  •  Perfect mingle is a fun place to  meet new people. We want it to be fun safe and enjoyable for all our users.