We’re not your average dating site.

Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv.

When I launched Perfect Mingle I intended it to be different and unique from all the other “dating sites”.  In that we give you total control on how you interact with other members.

Since I’ve come to find out most people don’t bother to read profiles and don’t care I didn’t put a big emphasis on profiles,  Just the bare basics.

This is where applications come in. We made it so you can create any questions you want not any predetermined redundant ones like the other sites. But, ones you think are important to ask someone before giving them the privilege of messaging you.

This way you can review the questions and see if that person values your time and if they took the effort to answers the questions with much thought.


Will this weed out bad people? No but if you feel the person didn’t take the time to answer your question with thought we let you decline their application which bars them from contacting you further.


We don’t have some fancy matchmaking algorithm in fact we don’t have any. We’re not trying to be like the other guys. We like you be the boss when finding someone compatible no 29 dimensions of incompatibility here.


We hope you give us a chance and tell your friends and family about us.  We feel confident you’ll love the site and once our community grows more it will be  much much better. We’re always adding new features and improving the site.