Gender Female
Seeking Male
Age 33
City New York
I am looking forLong term
Martial statusSingle
Body type Athletic
Education University
Do you have kids No
Ethnicity Caucasian
Your ProfessionInterior decorator
Do you have a car No
Religion Christian

I'm a positive, confident, independent woman who enjoys the simple things in life. While the 'finer things' are nice some times, I admire a person more when they can see the beauty or worth in even the smallest thing, or can see the positive in any negative situation. I've worked hard for everything I have and appreciate that fact, and hope to find a man that's not intimidated by my independence.A good match for me is a man who is honest, open and intellectually and emotionally supportive. I don't care for drama, and make every attempt to steer clear of it. Life is too short to get caught up in the negativity! The best match for me would be a man that enjoys and appreciates music as much as I do  I like a man who has a good sense of humor - I am currently working on my bachelor's degree in sarcasm  The strongest relationships have to have a solid foundation of friendship and trust...I'm a firm believer in that, but they also need to have fun together whether it's getting dressed up for a night out on the town, relaxing at home, sitting around a campfire..or having a little