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We added a new feature called “Browse applications” you can now browse multiple applications at a time.  find a application you like? fill it out! not interested you can click on skip and go to the next one.   Note: you need to be a registered member to use this feature we hope you like […]
The past Month we’ve been adding new features and improving the design of Perfect Mingle we changed to color scheme to make the site look more vibrant and more like a dating site but not your traditional dating site at the same time.  If you haven’t checked out  Perfect Mingle yet give us a try and if […]
We’ve been hard at work at perfect Mingle adding cool new features. We recently adding a feature that let’s you give your application a title. For example if you’re looking for a boyfriend you would go to Add application and click on name your application and put Boyfriend. This gives you more customization and control […]
Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv. When I launched Perfect Mingle I intended it to be different and unique from all the other “dating sites”.  In that we give you total control on how you interact with other members. Since I’ve come to find out most people don’t bother to […]
Here at Perfect Mingle we’ve been working hard adding new features making and tweaks here and there. Some of the new features we’ve added are a follows 1. We added a Viewed me section now you can see singles who have visited you profile. You can see it in the mobile version by logging in. it […]
Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv. As someone who’s been on multiple dating sites, Pof, Okcupid, mingl2, datehookup etc you name it! I’ve gathered data on what aggravates women the most about dating sites and put those findings in  good use on   With most free dating sites […]
Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv. Online dating is not necessarily a ‘new’ concept, though it’s gained the vast majority of its popularity within the last few years. From apps like Tinder and sites like PlentyofFish and OkCupid, researchers have been able to collect a massive amount of data. […]