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  • What is perfectmingle.com?


    Perfectmingle.com  is a free dating site where you can Screen members before letting them contact you.  By having them fill out an application created by you.  This is unique in that instead of having random users sending you messages you screen them before hand and decide if they meet your qualifications by accepting or declining their answers.


    Instead of tons of profile questions you can just save important questions for members to answer before contacting you. We found a majority of users don't read profiles anyway this a good way to screen for someone that is compatible.

  • Is Perfect Mingle free?


    Yes its free to join free to send applications free to send messages free to send gifts etc.

  • How do I create an application?


    You can go to my profile on the left hand corner you will see a tab that says Add Application.

  • Is it mandatory that I create an application for members to contact me?


    No its (optional) you can start messaging members once you have signed up. But, creating an application is a good tool to screen members before they contact you.

  • How Many questions can I ask?


    You can ask up to 30 questions. Gold members can ask 60 questions.

  • Can I edit my questions?


    Yes you can edit your questions at anytime.

  • What happens when an application gets declined?


    If you decline a users application they will not be able to message you.  And they will get a email letting them know their application has been declined.

  • What happens when I accept an application?


    If you accept an application then that user will be able to message you. They will also get an email letting them know you accepted the application.


    Note: you can click on the thumbnail on top of the application to go to that users profile to message them After  approval.

  • How do I review an application?


    You can review a application by going to my profile and click on the my applications tab.  Here you will have a choice to accept or decline the application.

  • How do I find out the status of my application?


    You will get an email letting you know if your application was declined or accepted.  you can also check the status in sent applications.

  • Do I need to answer questions in order to contact a member?


    Yes if the member has added questions then you will need to fill out the questions in order to be able to have contact with that member. Note: its up to that member to accept or decline your questions declining will mean you can't contact that member.

  • How do I check my messages?


    You can check your messages by going to my profile and on the left side you will see a tab that says my messages.

  • How do I block a user from contacting me?


    You can block a user by clicking on Block user.

  • What are the benefits of upgrading to gold membership

    • You can send 2000 messages instead of 500
    • upload 16 photos instead of 8
    • send 100  gifts instead of 50
    • create 60 application questions instead of 30
    • And receive unlimited applications instead of 100


  • Will I get billed automatically after my gold membership expires?


    No we don't do recurring billing. Once your 3 month membership expires you will need to sign up for gold membership again.

  • What benefits do I get as a free member?

    • 500 free messages
    • 8 free photos
    • send 50 free gifts
    • create 30 application questions
    • receive 100 applications
  • How do I delete my my profile?


    You can Delete your profile by going to my profile and you will see a tab on the left side that says Delete account.

  • How do I send a member my application?


    If that member is accepting applications you can click on the mailbox icon to go to their application page to fill out questions.

  • Do you have any privacy settings?


    Yes, you can go to my profile and click on my setting on the left side.  There you can set all kinds of settings from receiving emails, to hiding your photos, hiding your favorites. Who can view your photos, gifts, etc.

  • Why haven't I received my activation email yet?


    Activation emails are sent right away please check your spam emails also. Recommended that you add Support@perfectmingle.com in your contacts.

  • Can I get a refund?


    No, all purchases made on the site are final.

  • What if I'm getting spam from a fake user


    If you're getting any type of solicitations or  the user is fake or a spammer. Contact us and we will look in to it.


    Perfectmingle.com has zero tolerance for fake users/spammers. We will ban them  immediately  and also report them.

  • Why are there few profile fields?


    We wanted to make Perfect Mingle as clutter free as possible. Filling out tons of useless profile questions is long and tedious.  So we just have you fill out the basics so you can get mingling asap.

    We found a majority of users don't read profiles anyway. That's why we created applications so you can ask the questions you want before that user contacts you and then review the answers to see if they are compatible.

    We are all about simplicity here at perfectmingle.com


  • How does Browse Applications work?


    "Browse Applications" lets you browse applications members have submitted we have a skip and Send Answers button. "Skip" lets you go to the next application "send answers" sends the questions you filled out to the user of the application.

    Think of it kind of like "Tinder" you skip the applications you're not interested in and fill out the ones you like.


    When you submit an application to a user you can continue Browsing by clicking Continue.  Note:  you need to be a registered member to use this feature.