How we help you filter out unwanted people messaging you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv.

As someone who’s been on multiple dating sites, Pof, Okcupid, mingl2, datehookup etc you name it! I’ve gathered data on what aggravates women the most about dating sites and put those findings in  good use on


With most free dating sites even the paid ones everyone and their brother can message you. Most of the time the people messaging you don’t bother reading your profile or don’t care. And most women end up getting hammered with hundreds of messages with guys just looking for hookups old guys, really young ones, or guys just not wanting a relationship etc.


I thought to myself why not make a site where you can filter these people out and just have those who you’re compatible with message you?

Then my ahah! moment came I decided to build a site  where women or men can create a series of questions called “applications” for users to answer in order to message them to filter out unwanted people.

This way you can review those questions and decide you want to has a conversation with that person by accepting or declining their application.

Note! that is 100 percent free you can message users, send applications, gifts, receive applications.  I think once grows most users on the site will appreciate the tools that offers them in saving time from sorting through tons of useless messages.