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Disclaimer: I’m not a dating expert nor do I play one on tv.

Online dating is not necessarily a ‘new’ concept, though it’s gained the vast majority of its popularity within the last few years. From apps like Tinder and sites like PlentyofFish and OkCupid, researchers have been able to collect a massive amount of data. Their findings?

After extensive, complex analysis, and giant educated guesses, they’ve been able to draw one major conclusion on the effectiveness of online dating…


Yeah, they’re still baffled, and haven’t the foggiest as to whether or not it actually works. What we do know is that the number of online daters is growing, and doesn’t appear to be leveling off anytime soon.

Just in 2008, only 3% of Americans used online dating sites.


Curiously, 42% say they know someone using online dating sites. So, either one out of ten people have lots of friends -or 31% of people are still a bit uneasy about admitting their online dating habits. But what’s the reason for the existence of this awkward stigma?

I might have a pretty good idea…


Curiously, 42% say they know someone using online dating sites. So, either one out of ten people have lots of friends -or 31% of people are still a bit uneasy about admitting their online dating habits. But what’s the reason for the existence of this awkward stigma?

I might have a pretty good idea…



Admittedly, it’s a rather far out concept: meeting random people, based on the context of having initially connected online. In ye olden days, you’d usually meet lovers through friends, at a bar, or in the produce section of a grocery store. In which case, you could glean information, based on the initial conversation (along with ‘vibes’ from having met in person).

But not with online dating.
The problem? It’s a thing I like to call, ‘anonymous vulnerability’, and this produces various social conundrums -the likes of which, we’ve never seen on this massive scale. For instance, here are three…

Catfish– With the vast majority of online dating sites, you don’t have to verify an ID, which means that the person you’re talking to could be posing as who they’d like to be (and not who they actually are).

Popular Opinion– In 2013, the Pew Research Center posted a statistic, which said that 21% of Americans still believe that online dating isn’t exactly a positive activity. This opinion could be a reason why many don’t even want to talk about their web mingling.

Girl to Guy Ratio – This one of the most annoying factors about online dating, because it has a tendency to throw social norms into meltdown mode. With some stats suggesting that girl-to-guy ratios of online dating sites is at a dismal 30:70 -that has implications on people’s experiences as a whole…


The Problem With ‘Anonymous Vulnerability’


Essentially, guys are dealing with an unusually high level of ‘competition’, which means that their chances of finding the woman of their dreams are very low (because she’s that woman to 84 other guys in her local area).

Very attractive, interesting women on the other hand, get absolutely inundated with attempts for interaction, (which means that web mingling is more like a job in HR, than a fun way to meet a great guy).

Of course, then there’s the issue with how people interact with each other when there’s a high level of anonymity. If you’ve ever seen a ‘political discussion’ in the YouTube comments section of a video, then you’re probably aware of the fact that people can turn into belligerent trolls in a heartbeat if something has upset them.

Fortunately for online daters, certain up and coming web mingling websites actually have a new (yet curiously simple) way of ‘filtering’ these problems. For instance, with a site like, a user has to fill out a form with answers to a few questions before making initial contact with another user. …it’s sites like these, that are going to lessen the impact of the many problems with online dating services that we’re experiencing now.

Why an Online Dating Shift Is Inevitable

Online dating is now at a tipping point. With roughly 41 million people having tried online dating in the US (as of Dec 2014), enough users are beginning to see the value in it…

…but also the general annoyances and downright Creeper McCreeperness.

So what is likely to change, because it doesn’t seem like online dating is going anywhere anytime soon? I believe it’s going to be a general shift in overall model:

Online dating sites and apps will have generous ‘free packages’, and only cost a small membership fee for those who are very serious about finding someone.

Matching algorithms will have to become more complex, given the nature of anonymity and that girl-to-guy ratio.

The current model of ‘flirting’ and messaging will be replaced by a more rigid, expedited structure.

Now Accepting Applications…

application answers


One site in particular appears to be stepping into the future ahead of the shift, and I mentioned it before:

The reason I believe this site is about to explode in popularity is for a very solid reason. Its model is based on question/answer ‘applications’, rather than the primitive, ‘yo, wasup?’, messages.

I’ve been researching the mechanics of online dating sites extensively (since 2005), and have done more than enough reviews, including the one I did on this one -and my conclusion? This site is primed to have an exponential growth rate in just a few months, because it just comes down to the basics: it’s a free, solid, in demand solution, solving several widespread problems, filling an obvious market need.

It always circles back to Economics 101. Always.

Convenience: The Future Online Dating Model

The PerfectMingle model is fit for the shift I was previously talking about, because it cuts down on the time and energy it takes for women (the 30%) to filter out the obvious ones they’re not interested in. Whereas, men (the 70%) won’t have to spend near the time writing messages to women that might not have been interested in the first place.

Once the user approves, then the flirting and messages can start to fly. If the ‘application’ is declined -well, hey, at least the guy didn’t spend 20 minutes, trying to write an initial contact message.

Basically, it saves everyone on their most valuable resource: time.
No new bells and whistles or a reinvention of the wheel …just a simple solution.

It will be time-saving dating apps and online website services that will start to takeover the industry, because online dating was a concept that was originally crafted to provide convenience in dating in the first place.

Dating Sites MUST Meet a Real Market Need

Since most currently popular online dating sites fall short in this area, then we’re going to see an inevitable shift towards what people truly wanted all along. Now that PerfectMingle has pioneered the meeting of an obvious market need, you’re about to see other sites follow suit with similar ideas.

While no system is perfect, this site appears to have addressed one of the biggest problems with the online dating world -and one that is the root cause of many others (including stigma).

So, if you were looking for the future of online dating, well here it is, my web mingling friends. Digital flirting just got massively convenient, and you first heard that from me.