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Perfect Mingle Terms Of Service Agreement

We welcome you to Perfect Mingle, an online service which matches single adults with others. By accessing you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of service as outlined below. Please read through the following terms of agreement carefully.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

• This agreement is an electronic contract and establishes legally binding terms that must be accepted to become a member of the Perfect Mingle site. A member is a person who provides information or participates in the services provided. You must also be aware that it is possible that profiles on this site may be accessible on other affiliate sites.

• Please see our privacy and safety agreements as those are a part of the terms of service agreement as well.

• By accessing or using this service you are agreeing to the terms outlined. Please print a copy of the agreement for your records. The agreement may be modified by the company and will be effective upon posting on the site.

• To withdraw your consent to this agreement you must cease using the provided services and terminate your account.

Eligibility of Use

• In order to use this service you must be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you must be single or separated from a spouse to use the site. Any use is void where prohibited. By using the site you are stating that you have the right and authority to enter into the agreement and abide by the terms as outlined.

• When becoming a member of Perfect Mingle you are stating that you haven’t been convicted of a felony and are not required to register as a sex offender with any legal or government entity.

• Use of this service may be prohibited in some areas. If using the service outside of the United States you are responsible for learning the laws of the area regarding use of this and other sites. you are solely responsible for complying with laws and regulations of that territory.

Subscription and Membership

• You can register as a member at no cost and use some, but not all, of the features of the service. To use additional services and features, including communicating with others on the site, requires becoming a paid member. The subscription guidelines that are provided when you subscribe are part of this agreement. You agree that if you are not a subscriber you will not be able to communicate with others on the site nor them with you. However, a member profile may remain posted on the site even if the member is not active and while the profile may be viewed, without membership no communication will occur.

Term of Subscription and Termination

• This agreement will remain in effect as long as you are using the service or are a paid member.

• You may change or cancel your membership at any time by using the change/cancel membership or similar account setting page. Please allow a reasonable amount of time to process the action. You will be eligible to continue using the service until the end of your subscription. However, no refunds or payment fees will be returned under any circumstances.

• Canceling the subscription will not automatically cancel your profile. Unless you elect to hide your profile others may still view it.

• By canceling your membership your profile will be removed. In that case, other members will not be able to view your profile. A member can hide or unhide their profile at any time.

• Perfect Mingle has the right to terminate or suspend your subscription at any time without notice. If the company believes you have breached this agreement termination may result. Upon termination, you will not be entitled to use of the service, any refunds or unused fees. Perfect Mingle is not required to disclose the reason for termination or suspension. In some cases it may actually be unlawful for the company to make these disclosures.

Non-commercial Use

• This service is for personal u se only and members may not use it in conjunction with any commercial endeavors. Advertising or soliciting of products is prohibited. Individuals or businesses may not use the site for any commercial purpose. There will be no buying or selling, soliciting for home parties or other commercial endeavors. Collection of member’s names and other information is strictly prohibited. If there is any question on use please contact the company for clarification.


• It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your information such as username and password. This is the name and password you have designated when setting up your account and you are responsible for activities occurring under your username and password. Please notify the company if you suspect any unauthorized use of your name or password or any other potential security breach. Be sure to log off after each session.

Interaction with Other Members

• Your interactions with other members are your sole responsibility. Perfect Mingle does not conduct criminal back ground checks or screenings and makes no representations or guarantees to the conduct of its members. By becoming a subscriber or member you are agreeing to take all necessary precautions if you decide to communicate with other members on the site, meet in person or any other action involving other members. Be sure to review the safety tips located on the website as part of this agreement.

Ownership Rights

• Perfect Mingle owns and retains all ownership rights to the website and service, content, trademarks, trade names, service marks or other intellectual property rights. You agree not copy or reproduce any of this material without first obtaining permission from the company.

Content You Post on the Website

• You are responsible for information and content you post, link, upload or publish on the site. It is prohibited to post any offensive, abusive, obscene, sexually explicit, threatening, intimidating or illegal material on the site. Any material that infringes on another’s rights will not be tolerated.

• You agree that the Perfect Mingle has the right, but is not obligated, to monitor content that is posted on the website by subscribers or members. Perfect Mingle staff is the sole judge of this and retains the right to delete any content it deems necessary. The company also retains the right to limit the number of emails members may send in a twenty-four hour period if it becomes excessive.

• You agree that the company may access, preserve and disclose any information you provide on the site when required by law or in good faith that it is necessary.

• You may not post telephone numbers, addresses, last names, email addresses or URL’s in any area of your member profile that might be viewed by others. You also agree that any information you post may be viewed by others visiting the site or participating in the service.

Prohibited Acts

• Certain activities may warrant investigation or termination of membership. A partial list of these activities includes, but is not limited to; impersonation of another, soliciting money, posting prohibited content, stalking or harassment, implying statement you make are endorsed by Perfect Mingle, data mining, and other acts which are seen as invasive or prohibited. If there are any questions please contact Perfect Mingle before performing an activity.

Customer Service

• Customer service will provide assistance and guidance when needed. However abuses will not be tolerated so when communicating with customer service you must be respectful. Telephone calls may be monitored for quality assurance.

Billing and Charges

• You are billed through an online account for use of service. You agree to the charges at the prices you agreed upon for use of service and authorize the company to charge your chosen payment provider accordingly. Your subscription will continue until cancelled by you. Be sure to keep your billing information up to date.

Modifications and Other Policies

• At any time the company may modify or discontinue services either temporarily or permanently.

• The company may also block access to certain entities or addresses if deemed necessary.

• Copyright infringement rules apply and you may not copy, post or distribute any copyrighted material without written consent of the property owner.

• Upon membership you agree to allow email messages from us. These messages may be in regard to transactions or relationship information relating to the service. Administrative notices or service announcements or changes may be sent out. At times, emails containing promotions or special offers from Perfect Mingle or third party sites may be sent.

• At times, employees of Perfect Mingle may create test dating profiles to test the functionality of the website and improve service.

Disclaimers and Liability Limitations

• You acknowledge and agree that neither the company nor its affiliates will be held liable for any loss or damage of personal property or person resulting from use of the website or its services.

• The service is provided as is with no express warranties or guarantees.

• The company is not responsible for accuracy of third party opinions, advice, offers or statements that may be posted on the site.

• The site may contain links to third party advertisers or other promotions. You acknowledge and agree that the company is not liable for the content, goods, services or other materials from such sites.

Indemnity Agreement

• The company is not liable for any type of damages, corruption of data or programs that may occur as a result of use of the website or services.

• Any dispute or claim arising from this agreement or the website shall be in the form of binding arbitration. By using the website and services you agree to this arbitration agreement and give up your right for court access, participation in a class action suit or other proceedings. Rights will be determined by a neutral arbitrator, not a judge or jury.

• You agree to hold the company and its affiliates harmless form any loss, liability, claims, demand or fees made by any third party due to breach or failure to comply with this agreement.

Notices and Amendments

• Perfect Mingle will provide you notice when making changes to this agreement. Please note, notices may not be received if you are accessing the site in an unauthorized manner. By using the site you are agreeing that you have the means to accept said notices and in that case have received said notices.

• This agreement is subject to change at the discretion of the company at any time. For un-subscribing members the revised terms will be effective upon posting on the website. For members the revised terms will be effective upon sending out notice as outlined above.

• Continued usage of the site will constitute your acceptance of any changes made.